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"Logistics - Fear Not : Released 16.04.2012"

With a track record of bringing us stone cold classics throughout his decade-long career, the man otherwise known as Matthew Gresham returns with his fourth artist album "Fear Not".

Arguably more cohesive and ambitious than his previous efforts, the album covers a variety of tempos and styles across its 15-track duration (20-track Special Edition). Fear not, though, this is still 100% Logistics to the core, so sit back and enjoy the ride...

Kicking off with the accelerating powerhouse that is the title track, we are plunged straight into a world of grinding synths and booming sub bass. "2999 (Wherever You Go)" begins to challenge our pre-conceptions, with clicking drumstep beats meeting juddering subsonic warps. We discover the original version of previously released single "We Are One" with its classic rave sounds and catchy vocal hook. Tracks such as "Try Again" see Logistics slow the tempo right down, whilst the future jungle of "Early Again" adds another choppy twist in the journey. "Running Late" and "Destination Unknown" provide musical interludes between the rest of the tracks, and then "Letting Go" sees a change in tone again, before "Watching The World Go By (featuring Alice Smith)" provides a triumphant and emphatic outro to this exceptional album.

Logistics will be presenting "Fear Not" at a number of Hospitality shows across the UK, including Hospitality Brixton -- 6th April, Hospitality Bristol -- 7th April, Hospitality Brighton -- 8th April, Hospitality Leeds -- 20th April and more.

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