The Greatest Gadgets of 2015 - Top Cool Gadgets and Best Inventions

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Check out some of these awesome cool gadgets and some of the best trending high-tech inventions of 2015.

The future is here so enjoy some of these top new gadgets!
Some gadgets and inventions featured in this video are: 3Doodler 3D printing pen, Cassette to iPod converter,Coby’s floating Bluetooth speaker system,
fuel3d-scanner-A handheld point-and-shoot 3D scanner,gps-keychain, Heat & Glo - internal & outdoor fireplaces and many more!

Concepts represent the very cutting edge future of technology and product design. Every gadget that defines the tech world now started off as a simple drawing on a piece of paper, so it would be remiss not to keep a watchful eye on concept tech.

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