Activision Turned Down New IP, Wants Only Call of Duty - Inside Gaming Daily

Ain't no stopping the 'Doot. Hope you guys are ready for two more decades of headshots. SOURCES: [GameInformer] Exclusive Interview: Glen Schofield On Leaving Call Of Duty And Activision - [Wikipedia] White Night (video game) - [Twitter] Glen A. Schofield -, [InternationalBusinessTimes] 'GTA 5' Costs $265 Million To Develop And Market - [Polygon] The Confessional: It took two years to cancel Singularity, and ten months to fix it - [GamesIndustry] Activision: Proven blockbusters pave the way for new IP - [GameReactor] New Xbox studios told to realise their "wildest dreams" - [Twitter] Capcom is Back - [TheNextWeb] Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 posts $500M sales and it’s still a disappointment - [Gamespot] Activision Talks About Why It Broke Up With Bungie And The Destiny Series - [Polygon] Blizzard: No major game planned for 2019 - [Polygon] Activision Blizzard cuts hundreds of jobs despite ‘record revenue’ year - [DualShockers] Dead Space Creator Glen Schofield Says He’d Love to Make a Sequel One Day -