No Le Digan - Carlos Medina (Official Music Video)

"No Le Digan" (Don't Tell Her) is the first single from the album "El Cantador" by Meow Wolf's debut recording artist Carlos Medina. The video tells a story of two parallel paths on the road to heartbreak. Carlos, a forlorn Mariachi, dwells upon his sorrows, while a puppet version of himself revels in newfound freedom – proclaiming himself the be the king of the world. Album and Tour Tickets Available at --Credits-- Directed by - Kron Produced by - Meow Wolf Produced by - Rob Overbeck Puppets by - Michael McCormick and Devon Ludlow Lead Costume and Puppet Designer - Erica Frank Lead Puppeteer - Devon Ludlow Production Design by - Kevin Pierce Cinematography by - James Longmire Story by - Ryan Thompson and Graviel De La Plaga Carlos Medina as Himself Figure Skater - Paige Mascarenas Bartender - Elias Gallegos Folklorico Dancer - Renee Roybal Bar Regular - Michael McCormick Post Supervision and VFX by Brad Wolfley Edited by - Kron Closing Score by - Peter Chase Sound Design and Foley by - Doseone Color by - James Longmire 1st AC - Daniel Scotti 2nd AC - Will Tatman Lighting Designer/Tech - Jake Snider Gaffer - Hans Berner Electric - Irene Allen Key Grip - Michael Warren Dolly Grip - Jeff Bettis Grip - Paul Trujillo Grip - Andres Isaac Rives Construction Grip - Amrit Khalsa Construction Grip - Adam Bauxbam Construction Grip - Blake PA - Dominique Mazire PA - Emily Rankin Hood Ornament Puppet by - Aubrey Schwartz Light Painting by - Mathew Bradley Miniature Set Builder, Puppet Tinder, and Arrow Design by - Max Neutra Bathroom Build and Sink Fiber SPFX - Cole B. Wilson Painter and Sewing by - Newt Floor Designer/Painter - Nick Toll Accordion Prop by - Oliver Polzin Prop Master and Set Decorator - Rachel Veal Assistant Decorator - Erin Cohen SPFX - Scott Hastings Painter - Ulrike “Ulli” Aver-Erdoes Post Coordinator - Jeni Nelson Assistant VFX - Annie Jaynes Costume Assistant - Dianna Warren Neon Consultation - Neon Todd Props, Statues, and Objects Provided by - Quinn Tincher Low Riders Provided by - Tony Romero and Ivan Macias Puppeteers - Camile Cooper, Aubrey Schwartz, Max Walukas, Max Neutra, Lily, Oliver Polzin, Cole Wilson, Talon Buffalo Heart Stahmer, Adrian Marcais, Erin, Austin Ross, Theodore Schafer, Justin Wiemer, Chad Conti, Alec Brown, Isabel Zermani, Rob Overbeck Lenses Provided by - Panavision Set Walls Provided by - Stagecoach Prints by - Pronto Signs Camera Support - Serious Grippage and Maleko Grip Filters and Lens Support - Gene Sive Special Thanks - George R.R. Martin, Nicolas Gonda, Tristan Love, Joe Dean, Lisa Kringler, Tortilla Flats Filmed on location in the state of New Mexico