A story about transformation. _____________________________________ Director's Statement - “Making this film was a very personal endeavor for me. My grandparents come from a long line of Choctaw ancestry, that walked the sorrowful Trail of Tears as they relocated to Oklahoma. The film was inspired by a story my grandmother used to tell me growing up. I wanted to share this story about my ancestors that gave them the beauty and mystery that I love to find in cinema. The film digs into a realm of mysticism and its unique connection with nature and the cosmos. Its strong perspective creates an otherworldly quality that shifts the ordinary. It presents a story that honors Native American tradition/wisdom with optimism and mystery. This is a film for indigenous people, but also for others to see and learn a new side of American Indian history that is not riddled with pain, violence or tragedy. This is a story about overcoming fear with courage. A story about exiting the youth to find power within the Beyond to start the next chapter of life.” - Writer/Director, Evan Spencer Brace Featured Short on FilmShortage ( _______________________________________ ELDER - Charles Robinson BOY - Dante Bull Shields Writer, Director, Producer, Editor - Evan Spencer Brace Director of Photography, Title Designer - Allen Laseter ( Visual Effects - Morgan Beringer ( Score and Sound Design - Nate Fleming Casting Director - Tara Yazzi Associate Producer - Brennan Eagleton Assistant Director - Amber Wilkinson 1st AC/Gaffer - Jake Macpherson 2nd AC - Jeremy Bolden Location Manager - Mary Slinger Colorist - Jimmy Cadenas Crane Operator - Tim Smith DIT - Jayson Wall Additional Sound Design - Morgan Beringer Grips - Christin Sites, Eduardo Carrillo, Sergio Ramos and Jourdan Lees Assistant Art Director - Dejane Anderson Storyboard Artist - David Anderson Make up - Jessi Baker, Elizibeth Goans Props - Paul W. Kneedler and Dode Bender